Table Top Vision System

Product Features

The CTI Pin Inspection System is a PC based vision system specifically designed to measure true position of multiple types pins on any type of connector. The advantage of this system is its ability to store and evaluate an unlimited number of models for performing pin searches. It is designed to perform 100% pin inspections of every connector tested. This is possible using high speed pattern search algorithms operating on multiple threads. The system automatically evaluates all models programmed for each pin, chooses the best models for final evaluation, and determines pin location to sub-pixel accuracy. The software is designed to be extremely simple to operate and program. A pin model can be added to the library within a few seconds. The system is capable of storing / transmitting traceability data for each pin of every connector tested. A customer who has already purchased multiple units commented, “I have been searching for system like this for 10 years. It finally exists!”

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  • CTI Vision System Software
  • Extruded table top stand with light shield cover
  • Slide block for component positioning under camera.
  • Camera, lens and top side light bar.
  • PC with monitor and keyboard
  • Measures true position of multiple type pins on any type of connector
  • 100% Pin Inspection
  • CTI Vision System can be integrated into Automated systems.\
  • Bottom side lighting
  • Interchangeable parts nest.

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