Scanner Mount Conveyors

Product Features

Scanner Mount Series Conveyors are designed to be able to mount a bar code reader either top or bottom side at any position along the conveyor with out interference from other conveyor hardware.

Bar code readers can be mounted on manual positioning brackets or on an automated gantry for precise hands free set-up.

Scanner Mount Series Conveyors are also capable of lots of 1 automatic setup for individual and adjacent machines.

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  • .8 Meter edge length
  • Hand crank width adjust = 2.0” – 16.0”
  • Board edge clearance = .100” (.060” min)
  • Steel welded frame
  • Heavy-duty aluminum extruded rails
  • Auto/Manual select switch
  • 10 Inch bottom side clearance
  • Controls to transfer reader data

Top and Bottom Mounting Configurations

  • Swivel bar code read mounting bracket
  • Y Axis automatic gantry
  • X and Y automatic gantry
  • Speed Control
  • Pneumatic PCB Stops
  • HMI for Operator interface
  • Light Tower with Alarm
  • Automatic Width Adjust
  • Controls for Reader Data Transfer
  • Readers available from any supplier
  • Dust Covers
  • Line Networking
  • Workstation Configurations

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