Semi Automated

Product Features

The Servo Semi Automatic Press Workstation allows precise control of the press operating parameters (Force, Distance and Speed) as a self contained ergonomic solution.

Both force curve and SPC control graphs are displayed for the current product being processed.

Data for all products are stored in a database and sent to facility mainframe on demand.

Product recipes (programs) are entered with Pass/Fail characteristics. At the end of each cycle the system displays and records pass/fail information. Automatic add on peripherals are available.

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  • 15 inch touch screen operator interface
  • Force and SPC graphs shown of product in-process
  • Unlimited storage of product profiles
  • Display current production run Quantities
  • Process stops with unexpected press force at distance
  • Windows based PC software
  • Bar code ready
  • Programmable hold time
  • Light curtains for operator safety

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