At CTI Systems we are proud to offer products and repair services to keep your business running smoothly. CTI Systems understands that your business can’t afford to stop because of a technical issue. Our experienced technicians and engineers are on call to handle any potential problems that may arise. Our relationship with our customers doesn’t stop after the sale is made. We continue to service our products and serve our customers to ensure complete satisfaction with everything we do.

Service from CTI Systems

Service at CTI Systems is a four-fold operation that encompasses all aspects of the electronic assembly process. CTI is prepared to handle manufacturing, sales, installation, and service. We view a down machine as seriously as our customers would. We are equipped to handle any issue that may arise. CTI Systems maintains a spare parts inventory of over $1.5 million, making parts available to meet your needs by air to ground to counter delivery. There’s a reason that our motto has been “customer satisfaction, whatever it takes” since our company’s beginnings in 1989. Our dedication to our customers and our products continues today and is evident in everything we do. See how you can experience CTI Systems’ commitment to quality products and exceptional customers service.

How Our Process Works

CTI Systems has a web of outside sales representatives who cover territories all over North and South America to bring the customer and CT together. Inside Sales Representatives and Product Information Specialists provide quotes, basic line layouts and machine specifications for the customers. Layouts/specifications are then forwarded to Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, and the design process begins.

After the design process is complete, the machine is configured and released for production by the Industrial Engineering group. From this point, Machinist and Laser Shop technicians begin to make the parts and fabricate the sheet metal.

Mechanical and Electrical Assemblers build and wire the conveyors, which are controlled by programmable logic controllers (PLC). The PLC is programmed by an Electrical Engineer, then tested and inspected by Quality Control. Each conveyor is carefully crafted and shipped to its final destination by the Materials group. Due to national and international shipments, a Materials employee deals with varying import/export regulations and multiple languages.

Customer Dedication from the Beginning

Our commitment to our customers doesn’t stop at the shipment of the equipment. Highly skilled and trained Service Engineers install the equipment at the customer’s facility, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. At the Sanford manufacturing facility, the Service Department is continually providing information and support to its customers. Each conveyor is designed, built and shipped with pride and with the utmost attention to every detail throughout the manufacturing process.

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