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  • PLC Controls with SMEMA Cables
  • Board Edge Clearance = 3mm
  • Hand Crank Width Adjust = 2.0” – 16.0”
  • Steel Welded Frame
  • Heavy-duty Aluminum Extruded Rails
  • Auto/Manual Select Switch
  • Easy Change from RL to LR
  • 18” X 20”, 21” X 24”, 24” X 28” PCB Capability
  • Speed Control
  • Speed Control Slow Down
  • Mushroom Button to Release PCB
  • Emergency Stop Push Button
  • 32” Line Height
  • Adj. Time Delay to Transfer to Oven
  • Accumulation Option for Linear Buffering
  • Custom Lengths and Heights
  • Conveyor Rail Extensions
  • Auto Width Adjust

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