In Line UV Cure Oven

Product Features

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  • 48 Inch Wide X 41.5 Inch Deep Footprint
  • Modular In Line design with SMEMA Communications
    • Steel Belted Timing Belt Conveyor
    • 2 Section Conveyor Design
    • Adjustable Speed from 1-10 fpm
    • Hand Crank Width Adjust 2-18 inches
  • UV Lamps
    • F300S-18 UV Curing System
    • Lamps widths available from 6-24 inches
    • Side Reflectors for curing edges of the product
    • Adjustable Z axis up to 4 inches.
    • Internal K300 Modular Blower
    • Built in Cooling Features
  • Heavy Duty Construction
    • Steel Welded Frame
    • Simple Design for Easy Maintenance
    • Heavy Duty Aluminum Extruded Rails
  • Operator Interface
    • 6” Touch Screen Monitor
    • Light Tower
  • Built in Safety Features
    • Front and Rear E-stop Switches
    • E-Stop Interlocked Door Switches
    • Lock Out Panel Switch
  • Automatic Width Adjust
  • Digital Speed Display
  • Programmable Width settings
  • Automatic Entrance/Exit Doors
  • Edge Chain Conveyor
  • 24 Inch Product Capability

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