Product Features

The MR3 has optional PCB sizes up to 24″ x  52″. With custom sizes available to provide solutions for every customer. The MR3 has a split axis gantry utilizing the highest precision THK ball screws and closed loop servo drives. It is capable of making a full range of cut types, including: lines, arcs, angles and 3D topography. The MR3 has heavy-duty construction. It’s primary mounting base is made of a solid one-inch thick precision tool plate. It’s base construction supports it’s highest precision (cutting accuracy .0005 inches) and high speed capability.

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  • Fiducial Correction and live view/teach camera.
  • Barcode Read/Pattern Inspect.
  • Live Path Preview for Program Verification of cut positions.
  • Tool Life Monitoring, wear compensation, broken bit check.
  • Push Button Quick Tool change.
  • PC Controlled Windows 10 platform with CTI Routerware Software.
  • 15” Touchscreen Monitor with Keyboard/Mouse.
  • 24”W x 48”L PCB Route Capability (Additional Sizes Available)
  • Brushless Electric Motor, Air Cooled 5K-100K RPM Spindle
  • Program using Stitched Image, Jog and Teach, or Offline with Import.
  • Topside Vacuum for Debris removal.
  • Steel Welded Frame with Aluminum Base plate.
  • Servo Driven X, Y, and Z Axis closed loop drives.
  • Precision THK Linear Slides, Bearings, and Ball Screws.
  • Manual front safety interlocked sliding window.
  • Manual load and unload using front access window.
  • Ionized Air Jet on Z-Axis.
  • Ionized Air Flood for entire Chamber.
  • Status Light Tower with Alarm
  • Available in multiple PCB Route Capability.
  • Automatic Tool Change with 5 Bit Holders.
  • Laser Z-Axis Height Detection. (.01mm cut depth accuracy)
  • Laser Bit Width Detection.
  • Topside Vacuum High Speed Gate Valve.
  • Integrated Tool bit touch probe for bit diameters under .5mm in diameter.
  • Design and Route fixture software.
    * Design and mill/drill your own dedicated product fixtures in house on Router.
  • Cut Inspection of Routed Tabs with programmable tolerance.- Automatic front safety interlocked sliding lexan door.

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