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The AR family of Automatic Routers offer the ultimate in quick product changeover.  No product fixtures required.  Auto PCB gripper tool change and bit change are standard.  Select the program and the rest is automatic. The AR2020 has heavy duty machine tool construction.  Its primary mounting base is made of solid two inch thick steel and is precision ground.  Its base construction supports its high precision (cutting accuracy .0005 inches) and high speed capability. PCBs enter on an auto width edge rail conveyor.  Individual PCBs are held by flexible tooling fingers on an overhead gantry.  The boards are routed from the bottom side and the upper gantry places them onto a second conveyor to exit the machine. Infeed and outfeed conveyors, flat belts, tray feeders, and additional configurations are available.

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  • Fiducial Correction and live view/teach camera.
  • Barcode Read/Pattern Inspect
  • Live Path Preview for Program Verification of cut positions.
  • Tool Life Monitoring, wear compensation, broken bit check.
  • Automatic Tool Change with 5 Bit Holders
  • PC Controlled Windows 10 platform with CTI Routerware Software.
  • 15” Touchscreen Monitor with Keyboard/Mouse.
  • Available in 16”X16”, 20”X 20”, and 24”X28” PCB Route Capability.
  • Brushless Electric Motor, Air Cooled 5K-100K RPM Spindle
  • Program using Stitched Image, Jog and Teach, or Offline with Import.
  • Bottom side Vacuum with dual cyclone port design for Unmatched debris removal.
  • Steel Welded Frame with 2” thick precision ground Steel Base plate.
  • Topside Gantry: Servo Driven X,Y, Z,and Q Axis closed loop drives.|
    *Gripper with Auto Change on Topside Gantry.
    * Crash Detection/Collision Sensor.
    * Pneumatic Gripper Tooling Standard.
  • Gripper Nest in rear of machine for return and pick of gripper tooling.
  • Bottom side Gantry: Servo Driven X,Y, and Z,Axis closed loop drives.
    *Spindle and Camera on Bottom side Gantry.
  • Precision THK Linear Slides, Bearings, and Ball Screws.
  • Automatic width adjust on infeed edge belt conveyor.
  • Outfeed 12” wide flat belt standard. (Other options available)
  • Status Light Tower with Alarm.
  • Ionized Air Jet on Z-Axis.
  • Ionized Air Flood for entire Chamber.
  • Available in 16”X16”, 20”X 20”, and 24”X28” PCB Route Capability.
  • Laser Z-Axis Height Detection. (.01mm cut depth accuracy)
  • Laser Bit Width Detection.
  • Integrated Tool bit touch probe for bit diameters under .5mm in diameter.
  • Topside Gantry Camera.
  • Programmable Gripper with Auto Tool Change (0-35lbs grip force)
  • Cut Inspection of Routed Tabs with programmable tolerance.
    * CPK Data output from cut inspection.
    * Adjust cuts based on cut inspection data automatically.
  • Custom infeed and outfeed conveyor solutions available.
    * Flat Belt, Timing Belt, Multi Section.
    * Tape and Reel load.
    * Tray Feeder, FIFO Style, and Vertical lift with returns.

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