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The MR1’s purpose is to provide a low cost solution for customers who have lower volume PCB depaneling requirements. The MR1 was designed with accuracy and ease of operation in mind. Not all customers require the advanced options our MR2 and MR3 offer. If you’re looking for a low cost American made solution for your PCB depaneling requirements the MR1 is the answer.

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  • Fiducial Correction and live view/teach camera.
  • Barcode Read/Pattern Inspect
  • Live Path Preview for Program Verification of cut positions.
  • Tool Life Monitoring, wear compensation, broken bit check.
  • Push Button Quick Tool change.
  • PC Controlled Windows 10 platform with CTI Routerware Software.
  • 15” Touchscreen Monitor with Keyboard/Mouse.
  • 20”W x 20”L PCB Route Capability
  • Brushless Electric Motor, Air Cooled 5K-100K RPM Spindle
  • Program using Stitched Image, Jog and Teach, or Offline with Import.
  • Topside Vacuum for Debris removal.
  • Steel Welded Frame with Aluminum Base plate.
  • Precision X,Y, and Z Axis Servo Actuators.
  • Manual front safety interlocked sliding window.
  • Manual load and unload using front access window.
  • Ionized Air Jet on Z-Axis.
  • Ionized Air Flood for entire Chamber.
  • Status Light Tower with Alarm.
  • Topside Vacuum High Speed Gate Valve.

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