MS3-Laser/Dual Lane

Product Features

The MS3 is a fully automated dual lane marking system. Each lane runs completely independent of each other. Available with the fastest marking and full verification capabilites available.

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  • 10 Watt CO2 Laser per lane.
  • Independently run dual lane conveyors.
  • 1.2Meter wide footprint with 16″ W x 18″L PCB capability
  • Fiducial correction and live teach/view camera.
  • Secondary barcode read, and pattern inspection camera.
  • PC controlled Windows 10 platform with CTI Laserware Software.
  • 24 inch touchscreen monitor, keyboard, and mouse (Per Lane).
  • Ready for inline or offline operation.
  • Network communication ready.
  • Fully enclosed with safety interlocks and front and rear E-Stops.
  • Status Light Tower with Alarm
  • Keyence, and Synrad CO2 Lasers
    *Multiple CO2 models available to meet customer requirements.
  • Additional Laser Types available: Yag, Fiber, YVO4, Green, and UV.
  • Fume Extractor units with filter alarm.
    * If facility fume extraction unavailable.
  • Ionized Air Flood on Entrance or Exit
  • Automatic Width Adjust
  • Auto or Manual Bottom side Y-Axis Scanner on Entrance
  • Servo Z-Axis for Laser Head
  • Laser Z-Height Detection Sensor
  • Servo Shuttle per lane to replace edge belt conveyors.
  • Networked Communication with MES
  • PCB Capability up to (16” W x 18”L)

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