Manual / Automatic Screw Systems

Product Features

CTI Systems Automatic Screw Assemblies and Workstations are designed with product flexibility and improved production as the key features in our systems. Automatic screw assembly eliminates the need for manual screw insertion which improves throughput and quality, which reduces cost to the customer.

Screw Assembly systems range from Manual Ergo Arms to Fully Automated In Line Systems. All accessories are optional and our systems are designed to be tooled for your specific needs and future flexibility.

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  • Table Top adapter with Ergo Arm Stand
  • Ergo Arm Balancer
  • Ergo Arm
    • With or with out position detection
  • Electrical Screw Driver
    • With Controls
    • Electric or Pneumatic
    • Optional Torque and Angle Feedback
  • Automatic Screw Presenter
    • Optional Additional Z Clearance
  • Manual Screw presenter
  • CTI Step Feeder with Control (65 Cubic Inch Cap.)
    • Optional Extra Capacity Hopper
    • Automatic Shut off
    • Automatic low screw detection
  • Workstation Base and storage cabinet
  • Bar Code Reader for correct part verification
  • System Controls and step by step work instruction
  • Software
  • Label Printer
  • Product Fixture

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