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  • Floor Level Shuttle Used to Merge Products between Parallel Lines
  • Conveyor Movement within Shuttle is accomplished using a Linear Slide for Precise Positioning
  • Pneumatic Cylinder Used for Conveyor (Servo Optional)
  • Totally Enclosed for Safety with Interlocked Doors
  • Access Doors on Top
  • PLC Controls with SMEMA Cables
  • Board Edge Clearance =3mm
  • Hand Crank Width Adjust 2.0” – 16.0”
  • Steel Base
  • Shuttle Strokes Up to 212”
  • Standard Speed Servo
  • 18” x 20”, 21” x 24”, 24” x 28” PCB Capability
  • Light Tower for Indicating Operating Status
  • Speed Control
  • Fixed Rail Transfer
  • Multiple Conveyor Drive Sections
  • Auto Width Adjust
  • 32” Line Height
  • Flat Belt Conveyor
  • Dual Conveyor Heads

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