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The MS2 Laser Marker offers the ultimate speed and performance for larger production volumes. The fixed mounted topside laser marker has two cameras. One for fiducial correction and live view teaching. The other for barcode read and verification the moment the product is marked. The product is traversed and positioned by a high speed bottom side X,Y Gantry. This bottom side conveyor gantry has dual precision board stops and board crowders to insure board positioning during movement.

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  • 10 Watt CO2 Laser
  • 1.0Meter wide footprint with 16″ W x 18″L PCB capability
  • Fiducial correction and live teach/view camera.
  • Secondary barcode read, and pattern inspection camera.
  • PC controlled Windows 10 platform with CTI Laserware Software.
  • 24 inch touchscreen monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
  • Ready for inline or offline operation.
  • Network communication ready.
  • Fully enclosed with safety interlocks and front and rear E-Stops.
  • Status Light Tower with Alarm
  • Keyence, and Synrad CO2 Lasers
    *Multiple CO2 models available to meet customer requirements.
  • Additional Laser Types available: Yag, Fiber, YVO4, Green, and UV.
  • Fume Extractor units with filter alarm.
    * If facility fume extraction unavailable.
  • Ionized Air Flood on Entrance or Exit
  • Automatic Width Adjust
  • Auto or Manual Bottom side Y-Axis Scanner on Entrance
  • Servo Z-Axis for Laser Head
  • Laser Z-Height Detection Sensor
  • Networked Communication with MES
  • PCB Capability up to (28” W x 30”L)

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