MR2Bck Dual Level Load

Product Features

The MR2Bck Dual Level load Router has a top and bottom shuttle design to increase through put and minimize footprint. One shuttle is always being routed as the other is presented to the operator for unloading and loading of the fixture. Its base construction supports its high precision (cutting accuracy .0005 inches) and high speed movement capabilities. Like the MR2, the dual level load has an overhead gantry utilizing the highest precision THK ball screws and closed loop servo drives.  It is capable of making a full range of cut types including:  lines, arcs, angles and 3D topography. The MR2Bck has a pneumatically guided bottom side vacuum plenum as large as the full PCB. This guide moves to the appropriate shuttle height after each profile is completed. It comes standard with an additional optional top vacuum.  The dual vacuum configuration produces unequalled debris removal.

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  • Fiducial Correction and live view/teach camera.
  • Barcode Read/Pattern Inspect
  • Live Path Preview for Program Verification of cut positions.
  • Tool Life Monitoring, wear compensation, broken bit check.
  • Automatic Tool Change with 5 Bit Holders.
  • Laser Z-Axis Height Detection. (Extreme Accuracy on cut depth)
  • PC Controlled Windows 10 platform with CTI Routerware Software.
  • 15” Touchscreen Monitor with Keyboard/Mouse.
  • Available in 14”X14”, 20”X 20”, and 24”X24” PCB Route Capability.
  • 3” Topside and 2.5” Bottom side clearance for each shuttle.
  • Brushless Electric Motor, Air Cooled 5K-60K RPM Spindle
  • Program using Stitched Image, Jog and Teach, or Offline with Import.
  • Topside Vacuum Debris removal.
  • Steel Welded Frame with 2” thick precision ground Steel Base plate.
  • Servo Driven X,Y, and Z Axis closed loop drives.
  • Precision THK Linear Slides, Bearings, and Ball Screws.
  • Servo Driven Y-Axis Shuttle with Locating/Clamping for Position.
  • Safety Light Curtains at Shuttle load/unload position.
  • Manual load and unload using front shuttle park position.
  • Ionized Air Jet on Z-Axis.
  • Ionized Air Flood for entire Chamber.
  • Status Light Tower with Alarm
  • Available in 14”X14”, 20”X 20”, and 24”X24” PCB Route Capability.
  • Laser Bit Width Detection.
  • Remote Start Finger Switch. (Sends Ready Signal once fixture is loaded.)
  • Topside Vacuum High Speed Gate Valve.
  • Integrated Tool bit touch probe for bit diameters under .5mm in diameter.
  • Design and Route fixture software.
    * Design and mill/drill your own dedicated product fixtures in house on Router.
  • Pneumatic Guided Bottom side vacuum chamber.
    * Allows for Bottom side vacuum at both shuttle heights for unmatched debris removal.

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