Automatic Screw Machine

Product Features

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  • 1 Meter X 1.2 Meter Footprint
    • 1 Meter Edge Conveyor
    • PCB Edge Lift and Clamp
    • Precision PCB Board Stop
    • Speed Control Slow Down
    • 2 Axis Precision Gantry
    • 18 X 20″ Platform
    • Yaskawa Servo Drives for Each Axis
    • THK Slide and Ball Screw Cartesian Gantry Assembly
    • Bottom or Top Side Screw Gun Assembly
    • Single Spindle Assembly
    • Depth Sensor Controls
    • Torque Sensor Controls
    • Closed Loop Feed Back for Screw Assembly Complete
    • 50 MM Z Axis Stroke (On Precision Slide Assembly)
    • Screw Feeder Assemblies
    • Capable of Changing Torque Automatically
    • Pneumatic Press Plate Assembly
    • Interchangeable Tooling Fixtures (Change out in Less than 5 Minutes)
    • Programmable Positions
    • Recall Programming from Recipe
  • Multiple Screw Guns
  • Multiple Bowl Feeders
  • Conveying Media:
  • Pallet Timing Belt
    • Edge Chain
    • Edge Roller
  • Light Tower with Alarm
  • Automatic Width Adjust
  • Remote Control Station
  • Depth/Presence Pin Check Station
  • PC Controls
  • Line Networking
  • 2D Barcode Reader
  • Manual Assembly Station

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