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The CTI Label Marking System is a high speed, operation friendly, label applicator system totally integrated for the printed circuit board assembly process. The g3 Platform offers the reliability and innovation that has made CTI systems / Conveyor Technologies the preferred supplier to today’s leading manufacturing companies. The g3 Label Marking System is capable of operating with any printer or custom Conveying media which allows this system to function seamlessly and reliably in and manufacturing environment. Label Marking Technology and CTI Systems are a smart combination.

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  • Thermal Transfer Printer:
    • Optional Models;
      • DataMax 14604
      • ID Technologies 250
      • Intermec ( EZcoder 3240 )
    • 600 Dots Per Inch
    • 4.16” Maximum Print Width
    • 4.65” Maximum Media Width
    • Coated Side Out Ribbon Supply
    • RS-232 Serial and Centronics Parallel Interfaces
    • Front Panel LCD Display
    • Standard Memory; 16 MB RAM
    • Flash Upgradeable Firmware
    • DMX- 100 Internal Ethernet Interface
  • Cycle Time:
    • Application Dependant
    • Dual Nozzles; 1.9 Second Cycle Time Placement Capacity:
  • X & Y Automatic Gantry
  • 18” X 20” Platform (Std. in single head configuration)
  • High Speed Servo
  • Pneumatic Z Axis
  • Conveyor Features:
    • 1 Meter
    • 1 Section (Multiple Sections Optional)
    • Lift and Clamp Conveyor Rails (Z Axis)
    • 6.35 mm Edge Belt
    • Steel Welded Frame
    • Left to Right Flow
  • Nozzle Features:
    • Single Nozzle (Standard)
    • See Nozzle Configurations
  • Bar Code Reader (MicroScan Quadrus EZ, or Equivalent)
  • Small Label .20 X .20”
  • Light Tower
  • Auto width Adjust
  • 18 x 20”, 24 X 28” PCB
  • Custom Paint

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